• The best way of learning [clickbait]

    In this week I had oportunity to take part in new and fresh experience as a developer. I started my side job which is teacher in private school of programming - SDA (shortcut from Software Development Academy).

  • Simple MVC is simple

    Yesterday I decided to create seperate MVC for InfoBar (that orange rectangle with date on it).

  • TaskBook J2ME Edition

    New week - new possibilities. I hope that this time I will maintain the habit of bloging 2 times per week.

  • Get Noticed! 2017 / TaskBook

    I’ve just started taking part in this year’s edition of Get Noticed! (PL: Daj się poznać) competition.

  • Count change algorithm explanation. Coursera's functional programming course first assignment

    During my time on university I had some difficulities with understanding functional programming paradigm. Suddenly I’ve found course on Coursera site that is led by Martin Odersky - designer of Scala. I find this course very helpful. If you starting learning functional programming - it’s great idea to start there.

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